3 Essential Types of Easel Stand

There are many types of easel stands in Singapore available to choose from in the printing shops, but it can be divided into three types. The three types of easel stands are retractable easel stand, telescopic easel stand, and spring back easel stand.

Understanding each type’s definition, advantages, and disadvantages is really important because by doing so, you can decide which type of easel stand that fits best for your needs.

1. Retractable Easel Stand

The retractable easel stand is one of the most common types of stands. It can support medium to even large sized banners and this type of easel stand is easy to roll down into the base with a spring loaded mechanism.

Retractable easel stand can be easily set up by extending the pole, placing the bottom end in the base, pulling up the top of the banner, and then attaching it firmly to the pole. If you want to take the stand down, then you can start by holding onto the top rail, detach the top rail from the pole and leave the mechanism to pull the banner down from the base.

2.  Telescopic Easel Stand

A telescopic banner stand is made out of two separate pieces which are the banner or easel and the telescopic pole. Some models of telescopic easel stand are freestanding, but some others require the easel to create tension to maintain the balance of the stand.

A telescopic stand has no base. The easel for this type of easel stand is simply unrolled and attached to the pole. The easel will be held in place due to the created tension.

One of the most popular types of telescopic easel stand is the Pegasus. Pegasus telescopic easel stand is different from the other because there are a lot of different options for the dimensions. It can support vertical and portrait style stands and it can also alter the format easily.

3. Spring Back Easel Stand

The spring back easel stand is quite similar to the telescopic easel stand, where both have no base. The spring back easel stand has a structure aking to a tripod that makes it possible for this type of easel stands to stand on its own. However, it automatically tightens up when there is a easel or banner attached to it. To attach a easel or banner onto it, a grommet in each corner of the banner is needed so that it can hold the easel or banner in place securely.

The spring back easel stand is lightweight so it makes it easy to handle. You can easily carry it, shop it, and set it up even on your own. You can easily change the easel or banner whenever you want it as long as the easel or banner has proper grommets. With a spring back easel stand, you can commence marketing campaigns on different events using the same easel stand. This way, you can easily save up money and allocate it for better things such as printing brochures or flyers for event support.

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