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5 New Trends in Business Card Design For 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other, and if this experience has taught us anything, it’s that you have to be able to adapt and evolve your business constantly. A company’s business card express its personality, inspire the trust of its customers and highlights its professionalism. So if you’ve been using the same business cards since the early 2000s, maybe it’s time to revisit this. In this article, we have gathered the most interesting business card design trends to discover in 2021. Get inspired and adapt your marketing and branding accordingly.

  1. Transparency and Futurism

No design will give you a more futuristic impression than the translucent business cards of 2021. With their high-tech look, they would almost be confused with the keys of a spaceship. These designs share opaque elements, usually text and graphics. Some brands go for a clear division between a transparent and textured part. This creates a visually intriguing background on which the company name really stands out.

  • Bright colour gradations on a dark background

 In 2021, one of the most striking name card design trends is the use of both dark colors and multi-colored gradations which companies such as Kiasu name card printing in Singapore have done. For instance, we think of shimmering pearly tones on a dark background, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of light waves. These gradients give the design a sense of continuity, and that’s without having to deal with a well-defined rigid frame.

  • QR codes

QR codes are a must for businesses these days, especially when we’re talking about business card design trends. A QR code allows easy access to a company’s website or portfolio, and that’s without requiring any troublesome sensory input.. It is therefore clear why these codes gained popularity in 2020. Although this feature may seem minimal, it’s actually not the case. How many business cards do you have in your pocket/desk/drawer, which you forgot to look at more closely? The presence of a QR code facilitates the transition between the paper and the screen.

  • Centered text

One of the other major trends this year is to place text in bulk and in the centre of the name card. Not to be confused with monograms. Here, we use almost all of the available space while leave a little margin to create a lasting effect of simplicity and clarity.

  • Unique and Original Shapes

When you start a business, whether it’s your suppliers, your partners, or your customers, you usually tend to accumulate a ton of business cards over time, And these business cards are probably all rectangular and very similar to each other, you can click here to find a supplier.

This has lead designers to embark on a creative journey, ushering us into an era of unique and original designs, filled with abstract and iconic shapes. The objective can sometimes even be, to make the business card in question more pleasant to carry or to be added to a key ring. No matter how different the concept may be, the goal is always the same: to stand out among a multitude of rectangular cards.

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