5 Websites for Entrepreneurs that Pay Off

At some point in our lives, we all want to start our own business and take it to the top of success. To do this, we spend hours and hours looking for information that can help us and developing business plans that can guide us along the path we want to travel. However, there are now an overwhelming number of sites on the Internet that promise to give you effective tips and recommendations in this regard.

Will they really work? Won’t they waste my time? If these are some of the doubts that have come to your head, we have come to the rescue. In this post, we show you five websites for entrepreneurs that pay off. Find out if they are really worth it here!

  1. Forbes.

Forbes is not only a website where you can find information about the world’s leading companies and entrepreneurs, but you can also learn a lot about the Enterprise industry. Forbes has a section entitled Entrepreneur, where they expose the most relevant news of the moment. Thus, business owners can know the trends and understand the global situation of the business sector.

  • Mashable.

Mashable is considered one of the largest independent news sources in digital and technology culture. Its approach is quite simple and fresh. So, it will be of great use to less experienced entrepreneurs. Through its content, you can obtain information on technology, including software and computer equipment. All businesses in this century need technological resources, right?

  • 500 Startups.

In addition to being an excellent site for entrepreneurs, given the high quality of the information they offer, this website also gives financing options for Startup owners. To date, 500 Startups have invested in more than 1600 companies in more than 50 countries around the world. Besides, it offers pretty valuable information for managing funds and business plans.

  • Design Sponge.

Design Sponge has a weekly series called Biz Ladies, where its creators give advice and recommendations on a wide variety of business topics. Among the most prominent are the creation of wholesale businesses, promotion of events, and financing of companies or startups through Kickstarter. Moreover, they show the experiences and anecdotes of people who have managed to bring their projects to success.

  • The Startup.

This is a website focused on providing its visitors with quality information on multiple resources available to grow your business. The most interesting thing about The Startup is that it is the place where you can find all the answers to the most burning questions that someone can ask the founders of successful companies. Plus, it explains the process of fundraising, marketing, and more.


  • Smart Hustle Magazine.

This is not a website as such, but it is worth mentioning in this count as its content about the business industry is very rich and innovative. Smart Hustle is a quarterly magazine where they publish interviews and tips from startup owners. Besides, they have an annual Smart hustle conference where the world’s top business executives participate.

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