& # 39; This is Hialeah! & # 39; Taco Bell employee refuses to serve a client who does not speak Spanish

& # 39; This is Hialeah! & # 39; Taco Bell employee refuses to serve a client who does not speak Spanish

An employee of a Taco Bell in Hialeah refused the request of a client who did not speak Spanish to claim that no one spoke English in the case, the user complained in a video that had been socialized on social networks.

"Do you have a manager here?" Early Alexandria Montgomery in annoyance on Thursday evening in front of the window of the drive on from a Taco Bell in Hialeah.

"She sleeps in her house", the employee replied, refusing to receive the order in a disapproving tone because, according to her, there was nobody in the case who spoke English.

Montgomery insisted on ordering the order. In the video you can see how the woman begs him, asks him to take the order, but the employee replies time and time again that in that Taco Bell nobody speaks English.

"My life, I have a car behind me", says the employee and closes the window.

"Can you please move? I have an order, there is no one who speaks English," the employee shouts at Montgomery, who was also the shift of the restaurant, and then threatens to call the police.

"This is Hialeah, I'm sorry," he adds.

Two other Taco Bell employees approached the window when they heard the altercation, but apparently they did not try to help the client.

& # 39; No more, Daddy & # 39 ;, the receptionist said to a man who was sitting in the car at Montgomery and tried to claim that he was not surprised by the fact that he was not being cared for in English in the United States. has left.

Finally, the customer has to leave without her order.

"This incident happened on Wednesday evening around 10.30 am I contacted the manager and after explaining what happened, he apologized and said" Thank you "and the connection was broken. [del restaurante] it's 785 East 9th st, "Montgomery told the Nuevo Herald.

Montgomery placed the video on his social networks where he released a wave of indignation.

"Hialeah is still part of Florida and, as far as I remember, correct me if I'm wrong, Florida is part of the United States of America, it's a country where English is the language we speak. is a disgrace to the Latin American / Latino community "(sic), commented a Facebook user.

"Wow if Latinos do not speak English, we understand each other Money is money I have taken care of deaf mute Chinese, Mexicans, Americans, the most important thing is to be treated with taste and respect," wrote another user.

Montgomery called the act & # 39; racism & # 39 ;.

In an update he made hours later, he added that Luisa, as the Taco Bell employee identified himself, had been fired and that it had not even been mentioned. Taco Bell confirmed on Friday afternoon that the woman no longer works for the company.

Montgomery said she is not sure if she will sue the restaurant. "I do not know what I will do," he told the Nuevo Herald.

Taco Bell said in a statement: "This does not meet our expectations of the customer experience, we have worked very quickly to find a solution with the customer to ensure that this does not happen again."

Hialeah is considered the city with the most Hispanics in the United States. About 89 percent of the population has Spanish as their first or second language and more than 94 percent consider themselves as latino, according to the 2010 census.

In the United States, discrimination is punishable by law.

A few weeks ago lawyer Aaron Schlossberg was the center of controversy when, when he heard some restaurant staff speak in Spanish, he was furious.

A video with the event went viral and provoked the reaction of thousands of Spaniards who brought Schlossberg a serenade with mariachis and tacos to celebrate the Spanish legacy.