A Linky meter involved in a new fire in Loiret

A similar incident with a Linky took place a month ago in the same city.

A Linky meter, installed outside a butcher's shop in Châlette-sur-Loing (Loiret), caused a fire without causing injuries, one month after a similar incident with a Linky in the same city. The counter-fire took place on Friday, November 9 at noon, according to firefighters and the police, to confirm information from the Central Republic.

"The origin of the fire would be coincidental", AFP told a police source. The owner of the property of the "Boucherie du Center" has indicated that it intends to file a complaint against Enedis. His new meter was installed three months ago, in his absence. Video & # 39; s made by witnesses show the counter of smoking. We see the fire begin with a crackling, then a black smoke and finally flames.

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Second incident

This is the second time in less than a month that a Linky meter is involved in a fire in this city with almost 13,000 inhabitants. On 13 October, a countertop in a pavilion had had fifteen days "Exploded"according to the owner's words. The pavilion was badly damaged and two residents, a retired couple, were evacuated.

Saturday contacted by AFP, Enedis was not immediately accessible.

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