a plan of 700 million euros for batteries for autonomous vehicles

Among the announcements on Wednesday, it is an envelope of 700 million euros (over 5 years) promised by the government to support the development of European lithium-ion batteries. This is to support the industry automotiveespecially the vehicles electric and vehicles autonomous.

Just like Germany (with one billion mobilized by 2022), France has concretised its support in response to a hundred years of international organization of car manufacturers. Emmanuel Macron also said Wednesday night that there would be a factory in France and one in Germany.

State support will take different shapes (grants, share capital or repayable advances) depending on the nature of the supported projects, where communities are invited to contribute. Other projects are evolving together with Saft (Total), Siemens, Manz and Solvay.

Moreover, it would want Elysée deployment of autonomous transport services in France in 2021. The bonus schedule will still exist for several years supporting electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, the goal is to reach one million electric vehicles (600,000) and rechargeable hybrids (400,000) by 20,000 by the end of 2018 by 2022.