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Pfff of relief for ADP, but also, in the prospect of privatization, for the state, its largest shareholder with an interest of more than 50%. After adhering to ADP's proposal to increase its tariffs by 2.957%, the Independent Airport Charges Authority has approved the second tariff proposal from the airport manager of Paris on Thursday 7 February.

The chairman Marianne Leblanc Logier has indicated it The stand, on the sidelines of the "The States of the Air" conference, organized by the Enac Alumni.

" This time they are in the nails ", she said, and stated that Lyon's first tariff proposal was also validated.

ADP played great

For his second proposal, ADP had revised its claims downwards by proposing an increase of 1%. The airport group played great. In the case of a second refusal as in Nice, the ASI takes the manual setting ratio & # 39; s.

This homologation therefore avoids an appeal against ASI that does not exclude ADP from launch in case of a second refusal. For some observers, ASI's arguments to justify its opposition to an increase of 3% were demonstrable. Patrick Gandil, director of the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), even left his reserve and declared that he was "The considerations of the ASI are not fully shared, so as not to approve the increase of the royalties".

This approval also complies with the state, which feared having to start the process of privatizing ADP with a possible lawsuit about the weapons.

"Costs must not exceed the cost of the service provided" (ASI)

ASI justified its refusal by considering it "The remuneration for capital invested in public services at airports, which was taken into account when calculating the costs of services rendered, was too high".

" Royalty & # 39; s can not exceed the cost of the service provided "reminded Marianne Leblanc Logier during a round table at the airport of the future.

The return on invested capital of the second ADP proposal is considered "acceptable" this time, ASI estimated in a statement. "The new tariffs for airport allowance no longer lead to their total product on the aircraft train system exceeding the cost of the services provided", specifically specified the ASI.

As a reminder, the ASI is asked to decide on this CRE and assesses the proposals for raising the royalties each year. For the record, in 2015, before the signing of the 2016-2020 ERA of ADP, the ASI could not comment on the parameters of the ERC because it had not yet been created. The ASI also annually examines the proposals for increasing the fees paid by airlines for the financing of public services at airports (the use of facilities for the reception of passengers, landing, parking, de-icing …).

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