Air France: pilots paid € 300,000

When the wages fly away! 99 Air France pilots, out of a total of 2,831, would receive more than € 300,000 per year, reveals Libération. An internal document from the company, consulted by the newspaper, shows that most of them are commanders with often the status of instructor. They also fly the company's largest aircraft, the Boeing 777 & # 39; s and the Airbus A380s on long-distance routes.

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As the precise release, a rule by Air France means that the salary of a pilot increases with the mass of the aircraft and the speed. Of these hundred pilots, only one woman is worried, the profession is being feminized quite late, but "at the time of the evaluations, the instructors are not sensitive to the female pilots, who are less able to manage a flight incident. Says a trade union official The ten highest paid pilots earn a maximum of € 340,000 gross per year, a salary roughly equal to that of the ten highest paid members of the top management of the company From a social report from Air France, consulted by the newspaper, it appears that 30% of Air France's pilots receive more than EUR 200,000 per year.

More important responsibilities

On the side of the unions these rewards are no surprise and the reactions are mixed. Karine Monségu, general secretary of the CGT-Air France union, explains release that "there should be no difference between 1 and 20 between the lowest and the highest salaries", but that a pilot with an A380 "has more responsibilities than a member of management general." On the driver's side these salaries are put in perspective: Grégoire Aplincourt, chairman of Air France's pilot union, states that within the company "a captain who officiates on a medium-haul aircraft 40% is paid cheaper than in a business from the Persian Gulf."

The existence of these very high wages is coming back on the table, and since February an impasse has been played between the management and the various trade unions of the company. The latter require a salary increase of 5.1% for 2018, all categories of staff together. The pilots, they can ask for an extra increase of 3 to 4%, exactly release.

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