Airline: Airbnb recruits Fred Reid, a veteran of Virgin America - La

The Airbnb lease rental platform, which had already expressed its interest in transport a few years ago, makes that known recruited former Virgin America airline Fred Reid. As director of the Transport Division he will be responsible for "Building partnerships and services that make travel smooth", Airbnb added while we continue to offer users "Authentic and human travel".

But the air is not the only means of transportation that interests Airbnb, because it calls for the release of the "opportunities" and "products" to imagine, "in the air or on the earth". He also adds that all this will last "years".

However, Airbnb's boss, Brian Chesky, also says in the release, "We are going to explore a wide range of ideas and partnerships that can improve transport (and) we have not decided what it would be like".

" I am not interested in setting up our own airline or just another place to buy airline tickets online, but there are enormous opportunities to improve the transportation experience for everyone. "adds Brian Chesky.

A pioneer in the aviation industry

Fred Reid held high positions at four of the world's largest airlines. Former boss of Virgin America and senior manager at Lufthansa, this aviation specialist has also been president at Delta Airlines. He also helped establish the SkyTeam and Star Alliance alliances, according to Airbnb, and participated in the successful acquisition of regional airlines ASA and Comair by Delta.

Besides private homes Airbnb also offers several categories of small hotels, but also activities on site (visits, yoga classes …).