Attac and EELV activists in detention for non-violent action

Attac and EELV activists in detention for non-violent action

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Eight activists from Attac, three of whom were arrested by EEL on Thursday evening, put stickers on the windows of Société Générale in the rue du Temple in Paris and were put in custody of the police, they said. from the organization.

The eight Parisian activists put stickers on the windows of the bank. "These stickers indicate the number of offshore companies set up by the banks targeted by this action, Société Générale, HSBC, Crédit Agricole and BNP Paribas, and the amount of their investments in fossil fuels"said Wilfried Maurin, the campaign manager of Attac France, accompanied by AFP on Friday.

They were first led to the police station in the IV district and the demonstrators were put in detention at various Parisian police stations due to lack of space, said Mr Maurin.

"While the large banks involved are organizing tax evasion and funding climate-related projects, they are activists who sue this situation and are led by the police, but who are the real offenders?"the anti-globalization organization is outraged in its statement calling for the immediate release of the eight militants.

The anti-globalization organization called for a demonstration Friday morning to support the arrested.

On 15 September a new Attac event is planned in several European cities "To celebrate the 10 years of the fall of Lehman Brothers", the multinational investment bank whose bankruptcy in 2008 according to Attac has become the symbol "Deviations from capitalism".