Automobile boom in Russia - Autoreview

During the crisis, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. And after the crisis? The results of 2018 in the automotive industry are considered positive, but the excitement that mass producers felt could not even be compared to the explosion that had occurred in the luxury and exotic car segment. The public, ready to spend tens of millions of rubles on a car, not only went shopping massively, but for the first time met an offer worthy of their platinum credit cards. Luxury crossovers and SUVs – these are the cars that made the 2018th special.

Avtorevju received a report on the registration of new cars in Russia during 12 months of the past year. (new in this case are machines up to three years). We analyzed this data and realized that the life of the luxury and exotic car segment deserves a separate story.

The color of the Russian market of VIP cars is best illustrated by the situation with cars from Aurus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. In the streets of Moscow or on TV we all see dozens of national Senat limousines and Arsenal minivans with state numbers in the tuples of the president and the prime minister every day. But according to the traffic police, in Russia, no Aurus is officially registered!