Belgium acquitted by the Tribunal of the European Union because of its taxation in favor of multinationals

theOn Thursday, the Court of the European Union rejected a decision of the European Commission that considered the tax system of Belgium in favor of the multinationals as a "state aid" and asked him to reclaim 700 million euros from the companies involved. "
The Commission erred in finding that the Belgian system was an aid scheme with regard to additional profits (in connection with the international activity, note) of multinational companies.
"The Tribunal says, and the European Commission can still appeal this decision to the European Court of Justice.

The European Commission announced on 3 February 2015 that it would initiate an investigation into this tax provision in Belgium, which would only benefit multinational companies. The practice mentioned by the European Commission provides for the possibility of deducting so-called "excess" revenues from the tax base of a company belonging to an international group. These are the profits recorded in the accounts of the Belgian entity of the group, but which are assumed to be derived from its multinational dimension. In order to benefit from this deduction, the company must obtain the prior approval of the Belgian tax authorities by means of an advance ("tax ruling"). An advantage that can not be claimed by companies that are not part of a multinational.

According to one of the closest sources among the 55 multinationals, there are the Belgian-Brazilian brewer AB InBev, the British BP group, the German chemist BASF and the Belgian telecommunications group Belgacom (now Proximus).