Bitcoin volatility is the least in nearly two years

Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which became 10 last week, stabilizes. Although the rate is now significantly lower than the peak values ​​of nearly $ 20,000 recorded in December last year, the volatility since January 2017 is at the lowest level.

Moreover, the volatility of the most famous cryptocurrency has become lower than the volatility of the shares of the largest US companies included in the S & P500 index.

Indicate that the volatility of the S & P500 has increased from the end of September to a level of seven months. Investor concerns, caused by the growth of Federal Reserve rates and the US protectionism policy, have had an impact.

Previously high volatility prevented the spread of Bitcoin as a recognized asset. Most institutional investors are skeptical about assets with unpredictable value trajectories. The instability of cryptocurrency warns investors and regulators in different countries. In addition, volatility prevented the spread of Bitcoin as a means of payment – the main purpose of the currency.

According to observers, the decrease in volatility is due to a decrease in the number of operations. This is partly due to the fact that traders and investors are waiting for clarity on how regulators will consider Bitcoin-based financial products, so for the time being they are abstaining from major transactions.

Bitcoin rate is now almost 6500 dollars.