Carlyle also buys Parxet and merges it with Codorníu

The disembarkation of the Carlyle investment fund in the world of cava did not end with the purchase of the Codorníu Raventós group. The company reported on Monday that it has also taken control of Gleva Cellars, including brands such as Parxet, Mont-Ferrant, Titiana, Tionio, Basagoiti, Portal del Montsant and Raventós d & # 39; Alella.

Gleva Cellars is a medium-quality winery, founded in 2006 by a split of the Raventós family – the owners of the Codorníu group – Raventós Basagoiti – until now.

The company has announced that until now CEO Gleva Cellars, Ramon Raventós Basagoiti, will be managing director of the new group Codorníu Raventós. Ramon Raventós, 43, has boosted the growth of the Gleva group in recent years.

According to Codorniu, the integration of the two groups is planned before the end of the year, when all formalities and legal procedures are met.

The president of Codorniu since last week, when Carlyle took control, Alex Wagenberg, has shown in a statement "very enthusiastic" for the inclusion of Ramon Raventós as the first manager, for his deep knowledge of the sector and his experience of profitable growth to create "that is in line with the objectives of Codorníu Raventós".

Last week Cralyle took control of Unideco – the parent of the Codorníu Raventós group – after having bought 68% of the shares from various members of the Raventós family. The fund valued 100% of the company in 390 million euros, including 90 million debts.