Companies that include women on the board of directors have a tax deduction

The Spanish government wants to stimulate the presence of women in the management domes of companies. The draft general budget for 2019 that was presented this Monday at the Congress, the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesús Montero, includes the deduction of corporation tax for companies that include women on the Board of Directors.

According to Montero, companies may deduct 10% of the salaries of the new directives, a measure "to encourage the balanced presence of men and women in the decision-making bodies, and thus to include the gender perspective in the tax". The new deduction is intended to "reduce the tax costs of companies that opt ​​to take up women" on the board of directors, as emphasized by the State Secretary for Budgets.

The 2019 accounts will begin its parliamentary process on Monday and will only be applied if the PSOE government receives the necessary political support. For now it is complicated.