Coupe and Roadster Audi TT RS: nominal restyling - Autoreview

Last summer, the Audi TT family underwent a planned upgrade, changing the look and feel of the powertrains. The only missing element was the most extreme TT RS change, which has just been updated. But the delay of six months unfortunately did not bring anything unexpected.

The most important thing – the technical part of "eresk" remained intact. Coupe and roadsters are still equipped with a five-cylinder 2.5 turbo engine with a 400 hp output. and 480 Nm, the seven-speed S tronic two-clutch "robot" and the quattro all-wheel drive transmission with multi-plate clutch in the rear-wheel drive. Accordingly, the dynamic capabilities remained at the old level: acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h requires 3.7 seconds for the coupé and 3.9 seconds for the open version.

All changes are purely cosmetic. For example, the side air intakes in the front bumper have been increased, although the central part has not been changed. Black inserts that imitated the air ducts appeared on the stern, the interior was modified, as well as the design of the wheels (they can have a diameter of 19 or 20 inches). As before, for Audi TT RS you can order matrix headlamps and tail lights on the thinnest organic LEDs (OLED), which are distinguished by unusually bright and uniform light.

The sale of nominally updated erasok starts in the spring. Prices in Germany – of 6,700 euros for the coupe and of 70500 euros for the roadster. And from the Russian market model, Audi TT RS left. According to Autoreview, we have sold only 26 such machines in two years.


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