Discounts, bonuses and new prices: when is it most profitable to buy a car -

Traditional sales in December and discounts on cars will not be as great this year as in previous years. The main reason lies in the growth of the VAT rate from 18 to 20% from 1 January 2019. Until then, manufacturers are not allowed to include future losses in the costs of cars, which in itself is a good argument for to rush with purchases and create a shortage on a number of models. Dealers, however, do not completely abandon discounts.

President of the Russian Car Dealer Dealers (ROAD) Oleg Moseev advises to buy cars now. "The availability of discounts is very dependent on the brand, the model and the dealer itself," Moseev explained to – But it is impossible to refuse shares because the buyer market is still active today. Nonetheless, there are cars that are limited in the market, respectively, and the incentive programs for them are fairly modest. For example, it is difficult to find the Hyundai Santa Fe in rich trim levels and therefore you can not count on serious discounts. Limited offer and on Solaris – certain configurations have to wait. According to Nissan, the situation is even, there are cars available and we offer discounts from before the new year. "

Thanks to the considerable support from the importers, the dealer knows how to offer special prices for all models. Trade-in support is still there, and some brands offer a dated credit return, said Andrey Kamensky, AVILON's marketing director, at

"The discount for Hyundai N-1 and Santa Fe cars in the old body will be up to 450 thousand rubles, for owners of Aston Martin we offer maintenance as a gift when buying a set of winter wheels and the Aston Martin DB11. V8 model can be purchased with a profit of up to 4 million rubles. Buying a car this year is very favorable given the shortage of cars due to increased demand and the growth of VAT, "Kamensky examples.

With regard to the sale of the shares of car shares in 2018 in January, according to the expert everything depends on the condition of the warehouses of dealers and importers, taking into account the increased demand this year. He has not ruled out that cars from last January would not be available at all.

Mikhail Marakushev, head of the sales department of Avtomir for the company Avtomir, spoke in turn about the activity of customers, which has been growing rapidly since September. This has already led to a shortage of popular models and adjustments of popular brands, so he said that no significant discounts can be expected.

"Now every transaction is viewed separately: if a customer chooses a package of services such as insurance, trade-in, accessories, etc., then we will be happy to offer him the opportunity to get extra benefits," explains Marakushev. – The increase in VAT will have an accurate influence on the price lists, the minimum of the VAT change. Therefore, for those who really want to save money, I recommend not to postpone and buy now, until the VAT increases and the transition to the price lists for the 2019 model year. "

The marketing director of the ROLF company, Julia Ovchinnikova, is, on the contrary, of the opinion that the peak season in the car market will come in December.

"Right now dealers are offering cars with extra privileges for customers, and buyers know this, so traffic to car dealers is increasing," says Ovchinnikova. – The height of the benefits when buying a car is very different, depending on the brand and model – there is no "normal" number. This year there is also an additional reason to buy a car before the new year: in January most brands will update the price lists for the entire range and will take account of the VAT increase of 18 to 20%.

Auto stocks in warehouses are always planned with a seasonal increase in customer activity, so large dealers are likely to be able to pick up a car in accordance with each customer's preferences, explains Ovchinnikova.

"In January, customer traffic to dealers is limited, which is related to the holiday week.What interesting offers are concerned, it is certainly possible in January to find cars from last year in dealers at attractive prices. requested models and configurations first ", added Ovchinnikova.

It is no longer possible to find prices that are better than in December, according to Dmitry Chechulin, an expert at the International Financial Center. "At the time of purchase, VAT will be charged, so with an increase in VAT, the price of cars from January will rise immediately.In February, many car manufacturers traditionally review their price lists, causing inflation, and the car & # 39; s that came to the warehouses in 2019 will be offered at new prices, and after December there will be few car files left at car shows: after a significant drop in sales in the car market in 2014-2015. prefer not to inflate warehouses, so there will not be many opportunities to find the equipment you need, "the analyst concluded.