Does it really have to be Saturn and MediaMarkt?

Anyone who had passed the Düsseldorf congress center early Wednesday morning would have thought that everything was in perfect order for Ceconomy. A large banner adorned the building with the company logo. Ceconomy shareholders could view the presentation of the electronics store as a self-aware signal that after the spin-off of the parent company Metro everything was in the best order.
But within the general assembly, the mood should not be less cold than the clear air. Because nothing is missing at the moment: at a CEO. On a clear strategy. With a dividend. About visible concepts of how the stock should come from the valley.

Perhaps a brave cut is the best – a clear commitment from the parent company with one of her daughters – and not with both. Radical changes expect at least large shareholders, such as Freenet boss Christoph Villanek. Credit rating agencies such as Moody & # 39; s are also expected to take decisive steps.

And to discourage not so good running models, in which Ceconomy ultimately practices. "Commissioner and interim CFO Bernhard Düttmann have announced that the interest in the former mother Metro will be reduced from nine to just one percent.
"In Germany many customers do not even know that Saturn and MediaMarkt belong to the same group," says Gerrit Heinemann, trade expert at the Hochschule Niederrhein. There are several dilemmas with which the group itself stands in the way. "One thing is the organization, because the decentralized leads of the markets create a complexity that is difficult to control and which impedes the necessary centralization." And a look at the map shows that the more urban markets of Saturn and often the green pastures Nevertheless, the media markets are still aiming for the same customers.