Electric car manufacturer Rivian received $ 700 million from Amazon and other companies - Naked Science

The American company Amazon invested 700 million dollars together with its partners in Rivian. This is stated in a press release.

Rivian was founded in 2009 under the name Mainstream Motors, in 2011 the name has changed. Until now, the makers have not reported any details about the final product. The subsequent announcement, however, changed the situation. Now the company representatives told which car & # 39; s and when they are ready to release.

Previously, entrepreneurs would produce roadsters based on Lotus models, but later change direction. They decided to focus on the adventures and attract an audience that prefers off-road. And so there were two big car's Rivian: pick-up R1T and SUV R1S. They are built on the same platform and cost about 70 thousand dollars. The manufacturer claims that each of the models can cover 643 kilometers without recharging, and it will take less than three seconds to accelerate from zero to one hundred. The kit also includes an autopilot.

© Rivian

Now more than 600 people work in Rivian. The company owns four factories in the United States and an office in London. In addition to machines, she develops systems for working with UAVs.

Amazon topped the list of investors, but the details of the deal, including which part of the conglomerate, were not disclosed. At the same time, Rivian remains an independent company. Prior to this, the Reuters news agency reported that General Motors was ready to join investors, but representatives of the company refused to comment and merely said they were making an appropriate contribution to Rivian's future of a contamination-free future.

R1T / © Rivian

R1T / © Rivian

R1S / © Rivian

R1S / © Rivian

The first car deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2020.

Last year, during the annual charity event Pebble Beach Concours d & # 39; Elegance, passing in California, the company Mercedes-Benz showed the concept of an electric car, which is based on the model W125 Benz 1937. Machine power – 747 hp.