ENOC intends to increase the number of stations in Sharjah to 25 within five years

Bank – UAE:

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has announced plans to open five new plants in Sharjah next year, bringing the number of plants in the emirate to 25 within five years.

The new stations will contain modern technologies and equipment to develop the services offered to residents of the emirate, the UAE news agency WAM quoted the company as follows.

Last year, ENOC achieved one of the highest levels of productivity in its history, with sales of petroleum products reaching 249 million barrels.

ENOC adopts a range of innovative technologies in its various activities, such as the use of a variable coolant cooling system, VR, advanced pumping system, ozone-free refrigerants, electric vehicle chargers, recycled water for carwash, For purchases and fuel at all its service stations .

The group's activities are in the fields of exploration, production, refining, delivery and production. The non-oil activities of the Group include car services, retail services and integrated project development.

With its portfolio, ENOC offers numerous services to thousands of clients in 60 different markets and employs more than 10,000 employees.