European Commission cuts gdp growth forecast in the eurozone 2019 to 1.3% from 1.9% earlier - ForexLive

The European Commission publishes the latest economic forecasts of the region

  • GDP growth euro 2019 1.3% (formerly 1.9%)
  • GDP growth in the eurozone 2020 set at 1.6% (previously 1.7%)
  • Inflation euro area 2019 1.4% (formerly 1.8%)
  • German GDP growth of 2019 at 1.1% (previously 1.8%)
  • German GDP growth in 2020 set at 1.7% (unchanged)
  • France 2019 GDP growth seen at 1.3% (previously 1.6%)
  • GDP growth in France 2020 set at 1.5% (previously 1.6%)
  • Italy 2019 GDP growth rate fixed at 0.2% (formerly 1.2%)
  • GDP growth in Italy 2020 set at 0.8% (previously 1.3%)
  • Expect GDP growth in Italy to be Q1 0.0% q / q

Earlier predictions can be found here. Reduces across the board, with Germany and France as the main drag, leading to a worsening view of general growth forecasts. With regard to the risks faced by the countries in the region, the Committee noted that the slowdown in China's growth momentum and the uncertainty about the trade negotiations between the US and China are weighing up the short-term outlook.

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