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Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg has now surprisingly confirmed that his company wants to completely abandon the disputed compensation for self-printed tickets in the future. The explanation he explains – Eventim earns too little with the compensation, because that is worth a change.

In the summer of the year, the consumer center ruled Eventim ticket giant Eventim: the Federal Court of Justice ruled in August against Eventim, which prohibits the levying of a fee of 2.50 euros for "self-expression of tickets to events" .

The levying of a fee will be rejected in the future

The head of the company Klaus-Peter Schulenberg gave a surprising comment on this in an interview with the business magazine Capital. Schulenberg confirmed that Eventim will in the future completely refrain from levying a fee for the so-called print @ home offers. "We do not want a fight," Schulenberg said.

In short, the group earns too little on the compensation for online tickets to come to a dispute, it is said. This involves a turnover of approximately one million euros per year.

Not for sports tickets

Music fans can now be happy that they can print their tickets for free even if the offer is available.

However, the departure of the compensation does not apply to the service costs for football tickets and other sports tickets sold by Eventim Sports. Eventim Sports is a subsidiary and does not need to bend for the BGH ruling.

Eventim even stressed after the judgment that the judges consider an adjustment of the compensation as admissible. That is why it was initially assumed that Eventim will also do this, so that self-printed tickets will only be offered for € 2.50 in the future, but at a lower fee than before.

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