Facebook: you will quickly know who used your data for targeted advertising - 20 minutes

Facebook will let its users know who has bought their data. (illustration) – LODI Franck / SIPA

Facebook announced today that it has decided to communicate to users the names of companies that have purchased their personal data.
In a post for advertisers, the social network advertised that this approach would start on 27 February.

The goal is not only to reveal Facebook followers who have used this data, but also which of them interested an advertising agency or marketing, explains TechCrunch. To do this, Facebook will update the functionality of the "Why do I see this ad" button in the upper right corner of each of the ads inserted in the users thread.

"Improve the transparency of ad targeting"

By clicking on it, it is possible to have access to the identity of the sponsor of the promotional message and to the type of information that is present in the profile that makes the advertisement appear. All personal data, such as e-mail addresses, uploaded by the relevant company are also accessible. Finally, the existence of other agencies or companies with which this information is shared will be indicated.

Facebook talks about "striving to further improve the transparency of ad targeting". The group hopes that "these updates lead to more responsibility and transparency for advertisers, while continuing to allow them to advertise effectively."