First ride in the BMW Z4 Roadster This is how summer tastes

What if I threw out the GPS transmitter and threw it into the trench alongside me, while I called BMW at the same time, told something about theft and reported this car?

Not a good idea. Plan B: just do not come out. It is Sunday evening, 17 degrees, sky above Lisbon slightly cloudy. And we, How To Cars TV colleague Bernd Schröder and I, have no other data. That's good, because the new BMW Z4 has already sung the straight six-cylinder.

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Photo: Daniel Kraus

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Sporty: the Z4 likes to be on the movePhoto: Daniel Kraus

His forerunner, the BMW Z3, ​​has even made a name for itself as a Bond car. Yes, 007 really drove Zetti with 1.9 liters and 140 hp. A four-cylinder! We do not say that such a maximum if a housewife is good, no, that would be disrespectful, but we know the prices of used cars and notice that the six-cylinder simply goes out. Less than 12 000 euros is nothing more!

13 950 euros would be a good price for a decent Z3 with Reihensechser. BMW calculates exactly this amount for the Z4 "First Edition" equipment package, including navigation devices, the Digi-Cockpit, head-up display, 19-inch aluminum wheels, electrically adjustable leather seats, adaptive LED headlights. So with everything, even with sharp. Because we drive with the M40i, three liter Reihensechser, 340 hp, the beautiful eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. 74 900 euros, so that it is already clear before departure.

At Tempo 90 on the 2278-meter-long bridge Ponte 25 de Abril, we feel as if we were in San Francisco and despite the fresh air. No, that is not due to a neck heating, so what does the Z4 have? And he does not need the low seating position. You will merge with these large, finely shaped pilot seats, between popo and asphalt only a Hanuta-wide space will be felt; when it gets cooler, we can step out of the trunk of the small wind deflector from the dust bag and hang between the roll bars.

But let's be honest: we want to smell the summer, taste the wind, feel the car, feel pure happiness. We want to hear the row six, the shift paddle, peng, peng, accelerate in the next corner, as if there is one with a stopwatch; we want to wave the tail as if it were Heidi Klum's ass. We want to move this handy roadster as if it were the last exit, before tomorrow the ecosystems will put us all on freight bicycles. The Roadster in Frozen Gray Metallic looks like he was at the Folizer, really cool. With its broad kidneys and huge air intakes it reminds of the acidic Z8; fat as he stands.

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Photo: Manufacturer

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You should never lose sight of him! Coffee break for the Adega Portuguesa, and we look at the Z4 with leather Vernasca in the color CognacPhoto: Manufacturer

Incidentally, it can also be linked to figures. In contrast to its predecessor with folding roof, the new Zetti (4.32 meters long) is seven centimeters wider, the wheelbase is just under three centimeters shorter, the front track is ten, the rear has grown by six centimeters. Nicely, we said Predecessor with folding roof? BMW has finally donated the Z4 again a Stoffmützchen, and also to convertibles. It goes up to tempo 50 in ten seconds and during the test even 180 things and it still survived, but that is a different story.

Of course we drive the narrow Rua Limoeiro without, and for the tenth time, cobblestones, the tramline 28, sharp turns, many people who lift their thumbs and hit the camera. The Z4 has a weight distribution in the ratio 50:50, its 340 hp engine has a torque of 500 Nm and is really only really happy when the right foot has hitch. No, we can not possibly follow up to 100 in 4.5 seconds, although people on the side of the road want it and Zetti also gives it away.

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Photo: Manufacturer

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Full LED light shows us the way through the night. You do not want to leave the Z4 anymorePhoto: Manufacturer

Leave it, my dear, let's do it another time. And are pretty excited, because that BMW is completely trimmed on agility and driving dynamics, that its variable sport steering after turns like the Politesse after Falparkparkern rips that you are in a sneaker and not in a sandal – you can even feel that with a bit of walking. And then we leave, TV-Bernd and I are on the Z4. We are talking about steering forces and the valve exhaust that you activate with the Sport Plus Driving Experience Switch when a woman with a camera rushes towards us. "My husband says the car does not yet exist," she says. "No", we reply "unfortunately".

Only in March 2019 the Z4 rolls to dealers, then as a four-cylinder with 197 and 258 hp at prices from 40.950 euro. If you want to order one, you first have to order the digital cockpit for 2800 Euro. And here, just before the end, we have to carry on with BMW for the first time. Tachometer counterclockwise, bad reading mouse cinema. Let the man who did that continue to play PlayStation, he will know. We are going to make another round. We know each other.

Technical data – BMW Z4 M40i

engine: Straight-six, turbo, front longitudinal • displacement: 2998 cm³ • power: 250 kW (340 hp) at 5000 rpm • max. torque: 500 Nm at 1600 rpm • to drive: Rear wheel / achttrapsautomaat • L / B / H: 4324/1864 / 1304mm • Empty weight: 1610 kg • Trunk: 281 l • 0-100 km / h: 4.5 s • tip: 250 km / h • consumption: 7.1 l Super • Exhaust CO₂: 162 g / km • Price: from 60 950 euros


Thank you three times, BMW! First: row six. Sexy! Secondly: rear-wheel drive. Wow! Third: cloth cap. Nice! The new Z4 is an upward bendrover. Purchase contract, please!

Evaluation: 4.5 out of 5 stars