Google already competes with Uber after the launch of the shared taxi service

He finally did it. google, via Waze, has just officially started Waze Carpool, the navigation application that you are going to make now earn money if you have more passengers in your car, a function similar to what it has already offered Uber in the market

And for no one is it a secret that the service of applications by taxi It is becoming one of the largest millionaire companies in the world and that is why Google is increasingly gambling to position itself in the market. And Uber? It still has certain advantages over its new competition.

First, the new one Waze Carpool it will only be available, in the first phase, in the United States and Brazil, although nothing would quickly limit it to enter the United Kingdom and from there the passage to the European Union would be easier, according to Infobae.

In addition, the new application of Google allows only two trips per day for every driver, that is, it has its limitations, unlike the Uber pool that allows unlimited trips to the drivers.

However, an advantage is Waze Carpool is that their & # 39; software & # 39; cards are much more complete and are updated in real time, so that they use their superior technology even helps to reduce the number of free seats per car in real time.

Other details

How does Waze Carpool work? The application automatically connects drivers and travelers They share similar routes based on their travel habits and work and home addresses. The service was present in California since 2016 and allows drivers to charge a maximum of 54 cents per mile (1.6 kilometers).

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