Grands prix de la finance solidarity, the public award of the public - L & # 39; Envol or the art of social emancipation

In order to help dropouts and young adults at exclusion to find their place in society, director Bruno Lajara has created a device that combines artistic disciplines and citizen training for seven months.

Theater, dance, singing, writing workshops ... are on the program for about fifteen people who have been selected for each promotion of L & # 39; Envol.

It is by creating 501 Blues, a show organized with workers in a brutal fired factory in Levi's North, that director Bruno Lajara realized that "Art can change life". Two years ago he used this experience to create L & # 39; Envol in Arras (Pas-de-Calais), a device that uses art to reintegrate young dropouts or young adults into situations of failure and exclusion.

As part of the civil service, young people receive training of seven months for 24 hours a week. They take classes in theater, singing, dancing, writing workshops … The goal is not to educate artists, but to make culture a vehicle for emancipation and the formation of a professional project. even a life project. "Students gradually regain self-confidence"says Bruno Lajara, today general deputy of this "center of art and social transformation". The course is completed by a citizen training with republican values, theoretical and practical lessons, as well as immersions and encounters with the professional environment.

Integrated in the neighborhood

For every promotion a "casting" of about fifteen people is organized. It's all about building a team that people will support each other. They are integrated into life in the neighborhood by participating in the animation, the creation of a local internet radio, playing in an accommodation for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) … A new department of L & # 39; Envol comes out are made in Bethune (Pas-de-Calais), and the "casting" of new trainees is almost complete.

Grand Prix of solidarity funding in cooperation with France Info.

the flight

Activity: a device for social and professional inclusion through art for young school leavers or young adults in a situation of failure and exclusion

Sales of 2017: EUR 201,432

Employees: 5

Solidarity sponsors: France Active