Hamburg: Car King Willy Tiedtke broke: now speaks the manager of the insolvency

Hamburg: Car King Willy Tiedtke broke: now speaks the manager of the insolvency

Hamburg can have its first prominent diesel victim: the traditional car company Willy Tiedtke has filed for bankruptcy! Industry experts report huge sales losses after the affair of engineered exhaust emissions. But did the Tiedtke scandal actually break the neck? The administrator of the insolvency proceedings sees several reasons.

As a spokeswoman for Willy Tiedtke confirmed, they had filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday at the court. This step was "necessary after intensive efforts in recent months, the further funding of the company could no longer be secured," a press release said. In other words: Tiedtke is broke!

The fault could be the diesel scandal. According to MOPO information, this has led many car dealers to commit scandals. Especially VW dealers such as Tiedtke are severely shocked.

4000 to 5000 euros lousy per rented vehicle

Problems arise especially in the repurchase of leased vehicles, reports an MOPO affiliate-insider: as soon as a dealer enters into a lease contract – regardless of which term – a residual purchase value is determined. The diesel scandal has now led to the fact that in most diesel cars there is an extreme loss of value, the insider continues.

It could therefore happen that dealers per truck would make 4000 to 5000 euros worthless. The problem, however, concerns all dealers with diesel models, not just Tiedtke.

Diesel scandal is not the only fault

This is also confirmed by Gerrit Hölzle to the question from MOPO. He and his colleague Thorsten Bieg of the law firm Görg were appointed insolvency trustees in the management of Tiedtke. The diesel affair at Tiedtke has, like other car dealers, led to sales losses, says Hölzle.

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