How Commerzbank dismantles its SME activities

This is unlikely. A way out could be a merger. Zielke should be open to this, and also in Berlin it works weeks with increased intensity on the subject. The Ministry of Finance officials have designed the first simulation games for the future of the institute, in which the federal government is still involved with about 15 percent after the rescue in the financial crisis. The conviction that Commerzbank will once again flourish on its own, has disappeared in government circles.

Waiting simply takes too long, even internally. "The frustration is great, there are signs of disintegration," says an insider. The decommissioning of more than 7,000 jobs does not pass without a trace of employees, and the activism of top management also worsens the organization. The old structures in the head office are just being resolved and the employees in clusters have been reorganized. The work in so-called tribes should make the bank flexible, but above all it makes it restless. Many get new tasks, what that should be is not always clear, says a banker.