How much does the dollar cost in Mexico? March 14, 2019

the Mexican peso managed to keep "his wall" against the dollar, which fell 0.05 percent.

The currency of the United States is listed on Thursday $ 19.34 pesos wholesaler, while retail is one of the largest $ 19.65 and the $ 19.73 pesos, according to reports from institutions such as Citibanamex and BBVA Bancomer.


The Aztec currency is one of the best news for the 100 days of the president's government Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but yesterday there could be a loss, but the president Donald Trump "Helped" with his emergency order to suspend flights of Boeing 737 aircraft.

The dollar fell in value against the euro and other major currencies in a day marked by the strengthening of the British pound after the British parliament rejected a Brexit without an agreement with the European Union.

The American currency lost ground against the Canadian dollar and the Swiss franc, the British pound and the Japanese currency.

With information from EFE


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