IBM CEO announced Watson Anywhere in Think 2019

Ginni Rometty, IBM's historic CEO, said the AI ​​system will now run on a private or public cloud. Report from San Francisco.

IBM Think 2019 is still in San Francisco and this Tuesday is the CEO of the company, Ginni Rometty, made a big announcement in IA.

"Today we have made a great announcement with the name Watson Anywhere and Watson will now be on premise, in our cloud or in the cloud of every person, private and public," he said in the main event of the event.

Rob Thomas, IBM & # 39; s general data manager, complimented what Watson Anywhere stands for.

"This platform is integrated with advanced functions for data science, data processing and application creation, and is designed to help companies find information that previously could not be obtained from their data." Watson microservices can be accessed via IBM Cloud Private for Data. run in IBM Cloud or in a public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment, allowing companies to use AI in their applications wherever they are. "

img20190212154318-1090924c966feb71b85e205d38e3492a.jpgDuring the meeting with the IBM chairman, president and CEO Ginni Rometty, with many guests in the industry, he even used the opportunity to make jokes.

"It comes closest to an Apple release."

Two other Rometty ads related to Cloud: IBM Cloud Integration to integrate virtually every app with your cloud, and IBM Hyperprotect for cloud security.

The IBM Cloud Integration Platform is designed to securely connect applications, software and services from each provider, regardless of whether those systems are on the ground, in a public cloud or in a private cloud.

The platform brings together a complete set of integration tools in a single development environment. It can help improve productivity because integration specialists can write, test and secure the code once, store it on the platform and reuse it, a difficult task that once monopolized their time.

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