In rugby, the limits of "done in France"

Replica jerseys Le Coq sportif des Bleus are not made in France. They go through clothing factories in Morocco.

Marc-Henri Beausire, CEO of Coq Sportif, supplier of the XV of France, Romilly-sur-Seine (Aube), the historic headquarters of the French equipment manufacturer, 30 October.

The ad would have earned an asterisk. In the heart of the summer, the French Rugby Federation (FFR) announced this new jersey "Made in France for a French team". "#FaitenFrance", she tapped on her Twitter account, starting at 1st July, signing the cooperation with equipment manufacturer Le Coq sportif for the next six years. All this applies to the players of the XV of France who would release him, on Saturday 10 November, in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), a test match against South Africa.

But the communication about & # 39; made in France & # 39; has its limits. The FFR has omitted a detail that might interest the spectators of the Stade de France. All "replica" sweaters for sale to the general public (95 euros) will in fact go through clothing factories in Morocco. "The factory is in Marrakech," explains at world David Pécard, textile director of the brand, who claims to avoid transparency "All deception to [les] consumers ".

The "federation" knows this Moroccan site well, because it sent a delegation to visit it. A detail that did not mention Serge Simon, vice president of the FFR, at the press conference on Tuesday, October 30 in Romilly-sur-Seine (Aube), the historic headquarters of the equipment manufacturer, reopened in 2010. The leader did not respond to our requests.

"Scarcity" of staff, "costs" …

So let us listen to David Pécard, who summarizes the production process. Whatever the jersey, for an official competition outfit and for a simple replica, all materials come from France. First "Knitted and dyed in Troyes" in partner companies. A decision "Voluntaristic"according to him, to maintain employment in the original department. then "For confection, [ils ont] two …