Inside CBS After Leslie Moonves & # 39; Ouster (EXCLUSIVE)

Inside CBS After Leslie Moonves & # 39; Ouster (EXCLUSIVE)

Less than 24 hours after Leslie Moonves from his position as CEO of CBS Corp. was removed amid sexual intimidation and assault attacks, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl held a staff meeting to address the transition.

Kahl, head of all entertainment programs for the CBS Television Network, reported to the executives on Monday that he would hold a meeting that day to discuss the departure of Moonves. Kahl wanted, according to an insider of the network, to reassure staff members. At that meeting on Monday, he said, "It will be fine, the sun has risen today and the sun is rising tomorrow," adding that he had already spoken to the new interim CEO, Joseph R. Ianniello.

The work culture at CBS has been under fire since Leslie Moonves' allegations against sexual harassment have been published in two recent New Yorker articles, and Kahl told the attendees – a group of network development staff, current programming, public relations, casting and marketing – " If you see something, say something. " He encouraged everyone with care in the workplace to transfer them to human resources or senior management. When the floor was opened for questions, only one was asked.

Thom Sherman, who joined the network in 2017 as the best program leader under Kahl, also spoke. "This is really difficult," Sherman said, noting that he had worked with Moonves for a number of years in the previous function of Sherman as a development leader at the CW, a joint venture between CBS and Warner Bros.

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