Known restaurant is being charged for leaving a living rat in a shake, EU - El Sol de Nayarit

The customer had used most of the shake when he noticed that a rodent was swimming in his drink

Writing / El Sol de Nayarit

A customer of a well-known restaurant who claims to have found a living rat in his milkshake, is claiming damages of 77,000 euros. Kenneth Moyer Jr., 43, was shocked after he reportedly found a rodent in his drink in the fast food chain.

The unpleasant incident occurred in Ohio, USA. The man said he had drunk most of his chocolate shock before he realized that there was a mouse in his glass.

This was because the container of the drink was closed, allowing Moyer to keep drinking without noticing what was in it.

In telling the story, Moyer explained that he had also bought a shake for his friend and had gone home to drink it together, but he noticed that the straw was blocked in the glass. It never occurred to him to lift the lid to confirm the cause.

Only when he was in his car did he notice that the straw was starting to move. For fear of what he might find, he opened the sealed glass to look, and it was when he found a living mouse moving between the rest of the drink.

Moyer states that he vomited the day and was sick; Now he will continue the famous chain and compensate 77 thousand euros.

According to her account, after calling the company's headquarters the following day, she received a gift card or the possibility to claim an insurance claim. The restaurant has returned to its demands and believes that he himself could have placed the mouse in the head.

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