Lego wants to bring more digital to the Bauklötzchen world - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

DThe Danish building block manufacturer Lego wants to focus more on digitizing its products. The house is experimenting with applications for Augmented Reality (AR), says Lego boss Niels Christiansen. In the so-called augmented reality, imagined objects are inserted on the screen in the real environment.

Many Lego products are already equipped with technical gadgets, for example remotely controlled or equipped with engines. "We want to use the possibilities of digitization even better," says Christiansen, who has been in charge of the group since 2017. However, physical games will not disappear. "Children like both, in their world combines analog and digital games."

In the future, Lego wants to use vegetable polyethylene produced from sugar cane to make its building blocks. "We are working on making our products sustainable", says Christiansen. The goal is to achieve this by the year 2030.

More than half of all products are replaced annually

Part of innovation is that Lego refreshes 60 percent of its products every year. "Not many companies do that", says Christiansen. Particularly successful are the product lines Technic, Ninjago, Creator and Classic.

According to calculations by the market research agency NPD-Group, the turnover of the Danish toy manufacturer in Germany grew by 4.8 percent last year compared to the previous year. As a result, the market share of Lego in Germany last year was 17.2 percent, 0.4 percentage points more than in 2017.