"Mrs. A" would have spent 18 million euros in the luxury department store Harrods

A woman who spent millions in a luxury department store in London has been the target of British researchers. From 2006 to 2016, the 55-year-old would have spent the equivalent of 18 million euros at Harrods. A court ordered Zamira H. to explain where the money came from.

This is the first time the British authorities have applied a new anti-corruption law. It enables researchers to confiscate assets that may have been obtained with money from corruption or organized crime. London is a popular destination for such investments.

The man of Zamira H. is already in custody. The former high-ranking Azerbaijani banker was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2016 for corruption and misappropriation.

Zamira H. always & # 39; Mrs. A. & # 39; in statements before the court. called. called. A court decision that guarantees its anonymity has now been lifted.

Harrods department store in London


Harrods department store in London

In the court a representative of the British National Crime Agency told the buying habits of 55-year-olds. She used 35 credit cards issued by her husband's bank. She spent 16 million pounds in Harrods in ten years.

In the department store, according to British media reports, she would have had two private parking spaces. One day, according to researchers, she bought £ 100,000 worth of Cartier jewels, Boucheron's luxury goods for £ 150,000, and wine for £ 1,800. From the perspective of the researchers, the "wasteful issue" is a sign that the money is from illegal sources.

Zamira H. rejected the accusations. Her attorneys emphasized that the investigation was part of an investigation, not a criminal case.