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Channel 218 will broadcast the exclusive game of Ahli Tripoli in the Libyan Premier League season 2017-2018, as part of its efforts to realize the most important sporting events that the sports street brings, and the importance of television broadcasting from the Libyan league matches in this difficult time that the country is going through for many reasons, including:

Libyan competition without the presence of the public

Libya's security conditions imposed on the Libyan Football Federation's Libyan league matches without the presence of the taste of stadiums, the public sports for fear of rioting under the mass, so the channel was 218 to move the Premier League games and was direct contact with all Libyan teams, so that every Libyan home that View Libyan soccer stars.

The importance of sport in solving the crisis in Libya

Has proven a lot of sports and in all its terrain, which tried to reunite the Libyans and to refrain from the discrimination that the country suffers at the moment that sport is a meeting and does not distinguish, so it is and is channel 218 lead to transfer each sporting event contributes to achieving these lofty goals.

Here all Al Ahli Tripoli matches that will be broadcast on screen 218:

First week

Ahli Tripoli and Mahalla

Second week

City and Ahli Tripoli

Third week

Ahli Tripoli and Rafiq

Week four

Father of the months and Ahli Tripoli

Fifth week

The five and Ahly Tripoli

Week six

Ahli Tripoli and Unity

Seventh week

Ahli Tripoli and Raha

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