New round of business war .. China prohibits most phones for iPhone - CNN Arabic

NEW YORK (CNN) – A Chinese court has banned the sale and import of most iPhone models in an unexpected move that could escalate the American-Chinese trade war.

The Chinese court has approved two applications from the American chip manufacturer Qualcomm, claiming that Apple has violated two of its patents in iPhone models from 6S to iPhone X. With patents, people can edit and resize images and manage applications. Touch screen, according to Qualcomm.

"We greatly appreciate our relationship with customers and rarely go to court, but we also believe in the need to protect intellectual property rights, as Apple still benefits from our intellectual property while we do not compensate," said Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm & # 39; s lawyer in a statement.

"If Apple violates the provisions, Qualcomm will attempt to execute it through enforcement courts that are part of the Chinese legal system," Rosenberg said.

Apple's shares fell by 2% in Monday morning trading, commenting on the Chinese statement: "Qualcomm's efforts to ban our products is another desperate move by a company that is subject to its illegal practices regulators around the world should be investigated. "

Apple has accused Qualcomm of dirty tricks & # 39; to pursue, including the confirmation of a patent that has been withdrawn by international courts and other patents that it has not previously used. Apple has confirmed that it will lawfully respond to the court, while Qualcomm said that Apple "owes money" its own technology.

To escalate the promise of commercial war

The ruling threatens to escalate the trade war between America and China, especially as China was generally expected to reject Qualcomm's request to ban Apple's products.

The verdict came days after President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping agreed to a 90-day trade truce, while Canada said it would leave the financial responsibility of Huawei, China's largest telecoms company, to the United States, which it accuses of violating of sanctions against Iran.

A worldwide battle between technological giants

Apple and Qualcomm have filed lawsuits in courts around the world. Last year, in 2017, the iPhone maker Qualcomm sued for $ 1 billion in damages after the chip manufacturer refrained from paying for the exclusive right to place its chips on iPhones.

Qualcomm blocked payments after the EU began investigating them, and the European Union regarded the payments that Apple illegally demands before the European Commission Qualcomm ordered Qualcomm in January 2018 to pay a $ 1.2 billion fine for the case.

Qualcomm asked a US federal judge to ban the sale of iPhones in one case. In June, a judge at the International Trade Commission discovered that Apple had violated one of Qualcomm's patents on energy saving.