New York Stock Exchange moderates its fall after black Wednesday

The New York Stock Exchange yields 3.15 percent according to the Dow Jones index, opening the New York market with losses

The New York Stock Exchange opened with losses today, when the Dow Jones closed with a 3.15 percent decline, caused by the recent surge in US government bond yields and the constant commercial tension between Washington and Beijing.

In addition, the day presented various economic data relating to inflation in September, Unemployment claims, the consumer confidence index and the stocks of crude oil and its derivatives.

Weekly requests for Unemployment subsidy in the United States rose by seven thousand, to stand at 214 thousand, although they remain at the lowest level for nearly 50 years, Thursday reported the Ministry of Labor.

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During the first trading minutes on Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average showed a decrease of 91.28 points to stand at 25 thousand 507.46 units, while the NYSE Composite I went back 50.00 point are placed in 12 thousand 572.13 units.

Meanwhile, the Standard & Poor's 500 had one slight fall of 7.14 points (-0.26 percent) to settle in two thousand 778.54 units, Nasdaq Composite, operating in the same line of banking, technology, industrial and insurance bonds, which generated 0.79 points to reach seven thousand 422 , 84 units.

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