No merger between Renault and Nissan in sight, confirms Bruno Le Maire

Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of Economy, strongly denied Sunday, January 20, information about Japanese media according to which representatives of the French state this week in Tokyo had argued for a merger between Renault and Nissan.

The scenario of a merger between the two car manufacturers "Is not on the table"The mayor told the press during a traveling Sunday in Cairo. The French state, a Renault shareholder, is that "Connected to the good progress" and at the & # 39; Sustainability & # 39; of the existing alliance between Renault and Nissan. "That is what we have always told the Japanese authorities"he added.

"What is on the table today is the management of Renault." This will have to be "Stable, stable, durable" and should be «Set up by the board of directors [du groupe français] in the coming days »the mayor said again.

Quoted by Sunday DiaryBruno Le Maire had already argued that one "Re-balance of shareholders, a change in the mutual shareholdings between Renault and Nissan" used to be "Not on the table".

The French state dropped the big French-Lebanese-Brazilian boss this week and asked for the appointment of a successor in the coming days at the head of Renault. "The principle of the presumption of innocence must apply" in relation to Mr Ghosn, he reminded Mr Mayor in the JDD.

Information published in the Japanese press

Earlier in the day, the Japanese business community daily Nikkei Kyodo News Agency said that a visiting French delegation this week in Tokyo has called for a merger of the two groups whose future alliance has become uncertain since Carlos was arrested in Japan. Ghosn two months ago. The trace of a merger would have the favors of French President Emmanuel Macron, even confirmed Kyodo. About Nikkeihe also said that Renault wanted to appoint the next president of Nissan.

Renault controls 43% of Nissan, which went bankrupt nearly 20 years ago. Nissan also owns 34% of Mitsubishi Motors, the latest addition to the alliance that was born in 1999. The French state is the largest shareholder in Renault, with 15.01% of the capital and approximately 22% of the voting rights. Nissan holds 15% of the shares of the diamond group, but without the right to vote at the general meeting.

A revision of this subtle building, of which Carlos Ghosn was the keystone, could mean a loss of influence of Renault in the alliance.

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