"Outrageous photo's with his mistress and cigar" .. billionaire owner of the newspaper famous for danger! - Lebanon24

In a new escalation, the American businessman Joseph Bezos, the National Enquirer magazine, accused him of blackmailing him and threatening to publish photographs of him and his mistress naked.

Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at $ 137 billion, is being blackmailed by the National Enquirer, who threatens to publish his naked photo along with intimate photographs of his smoking cigars from his mistress.

Bezos revealed that the newspaper dared to send a written threat to him after he verbally blackmailed him by publishing photos, which he said contained 10 obscene photographs of him and his mistress.

The threatening letter calls on the Washington Post of Bezos to recognize that the National Inquirer is not biased in publishing its news for political purposes, and claims that disclosing the images would reveal the content of the classified message.

The National Enquirer, known for his scandals, published photos of Bezos' relationship with Loren Sanchez, the American broadcaster and actress.

Pizza & # 39; s explained that he had asked a special team of researchers to reveal how his messages were exposed to infiltration and redirection to the paper and whether they were politically motivated.

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