Potato, to a rise in prices?

In 2018, the harvest would not exceed 24 million tonnes, compared to 28 million in 2017.

In Steenvoorde (North), 15 October.

Raw materials. Soon the shortage of fries? The usual ominous birds could enjoy this announcement. And shivering lovers of hearty-confounded tubers by waving the ghost of a programmed absence of their favorite dish. After the cocoa, the butter, the wine, so the headache of the media predicted the shortage, why not fries? It is not like that. But the consumer may have to go to the cash drawer …

Indeed, while the last potatoes in the Pas-de-Calais end, time is weighing. Not only in France, but also in the "club of five". Understand France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain. Or Europe from the potato. A potato vote pulled before the Brexit … « For a balance between supply and demand on this set, a production of 26 million tons is required Declares Arnaud Delacour of the National Interprofessional Potato Committee (CNIPT).

In 2017, the balance amounted to 28 million tons. A surplus that caused prices to collapse. " On the free market, the price has even dropped to 10 euros per ton Says Antoine Peenaert, producer in Pas-de-Calais. This year the needle has dropped to 24 million tons. You do not have to close the calculator to understand that 2 million tons are missing to satisfy the appetite of supermarkets such as French fries, mashed potatoes and other fries, the McCain, Vico or Nestlé. There will be some frying on the line in the die.

Looking for a compromise

While the heat wave evaporated part of the harvest, the price was created on the open market. " The ton acts at 200 or 230 euros Says Peenaert. A jackpot for farmers? Not that simple. Many of them are under contract, whether it is an industrial or a sign …