PRESS: Lloyds Banking Plans Further industry closures for 2019 - The Sun

LONDON (Alliance News) – Lloyds Banking Group PLC closed another 15 locations in the first quarter of 2019, the Sun reported Wednesday.

"We have confirmed the locations of a small number of Lloyds bank branches that close between January and March 2019," Lloyds spokeswoman told the newspaper.

49 Lloyd and Halifax office closures have already been planned between July and October this year, with this announcement bringing the total planned closures to 64. These closures, according to Lloyds, reflect reduced branch transactions and changing customer behavior.

The Sun reported that these changes are part of a revision of the staff and affiliate network to reflect the increase in online banking.

The Lloyds Banking Group shares rose by 0.6% to 59.23 pence on Thursday.

By Anna Farley;

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