Proponents of consumer rights and ADAC continue VW

Proponents of consumer rights and ADAC continue VW

VW owners who suffer from the diesel scandal can file a consumer complaint from November, possibly claiming compensation. About three years after the scandal became known about engineered diesel engines, the consumer centers and the ADAC announced a model statement on Wednesday in Berlin.

Their goal was to establish in court that the car manufacturer "deliberately caused immoral damage to buyers with purchasers of software manipulation". Consumers could then benefit from a comparison with VW or better enforce their claim for compensation.

Anyone who purchased a Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat diesel engine from November 2008 on EA 189 engines for which a recall was taking place can participate free of charge. A reservation is possible online on the homepage "", from November onwards registration in a complaints register is required. The federal association of consumer lawyers (vzbv) wants to submit the action to the highest regional court of Brunswick on 1 November – and then enters into force with the law, which makes the new "one-for-all lawsuit" possible. The ADAC does not complain, but supports the vzbv.

Even without legal assistance insurance an opportunity

In September 2015 Volkswagen granted manipulation of diesel cars. American authorities had stated and made public that only in tests the exhaust gas cleaning worked, while the output was higher on the road.

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