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Taxation on the capital gain on the main residence, currently exempt, is "a job," said Wednesday, February 6, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, but only for "very large goods".

"It is a labor trail, as long as we talk about the most important residences at a very high level", said Bruno Le Maire, France 2, and questioned the possibility of capital gains on the resale of real estate.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of the Republic, judged "very well" last month, during a public debate, that the idea of ​​regulating property capital gains.

He described as "unfair" the fact that capital gains "are not taxed" when they follow the arrival of infrastructure such as the high speed line (LGV) in Bordeaux.

These remarks, on which the President has not given further details, appear to relate to the main dwellings, which are currently exempted from resale.

Other assets benefit from a gradual reduction depending on the duration of detention. The discount starts only after 6 years of detention.

"Look for very large real estate where there can clearly be an advantage that can be taxed, why not?", Said the minister. "But beware of the French, the taxpayers, we are here to reduce taxes," he said.

"The French who bought a main residence 100,000, 150,000, 200,000 euros … They sell it, they make a profit, we will not tax this profit," he said, saying that the exemption is a "good thing" in this case.

Le Revenu, with AFP

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