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The political opposition would lead to the company deciding to stop negotiations with mayor and government

Report: Amazon would reconsider the opening headquarters in Queens

Since the agreement with Amazon has been announced, there have been several protests against the company in the Big Apple.

Mariela Lombard / El Diario NY

the strong political opposition that has generated in New York the agreement reached by the Mayor's office and the governor With Amazon to open its second headquarters in Queens, it would make sure that the company would be view the plan again.

Although the construction of that headquarters in Long Island City would at least create 25,000 jobs in 10 yearsaccording to the mayor, the opposition to the agreement was very strong, especially after it was known that during the negotiations it was decided to $ 3,000 million in economic incentives and tax reductions from the city and the state.

As reported on Friday Washingto Post, the company Inc. review the plan to it construction in Queenswhere, despite the fact that it has already been announced in detail the specific place where it would be, has not yet signed a lease or has made the purchase of any office space it would make it easier to withdraw from the negotiations.

The Washington Post mentioned, referring to "Family people" with the company's decisions, which senior executives discussed internally in the company in search of other alternatives, the feeling that the situation between the local politicians from New York it really makes them think "If it's really worth it to carry this forward".

Among the main opponents are board members of the Big Apple, holding public hearings to analyze the impact that Amazon's arrival will have on the community. Also in State Senate There is also a movement that causes the cancellation of the agreement.

In a short comment, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that "we expect Amazon to keep its share of the agreement." Meanwhile, Governor Andrew Cuomo said during an event that "it is only a small group of politicians who resist", Adds that the opposition of the state Senate against Amazon" is a bad practice of the government. And if they prevent Amazon from coming to New York, they will have to explain it to the people of the state who voted for them. & # 39;

"It is time for Amazon to make a final decision on this project, as the time to start adopting approaches," the source told the Post.

the Chairman of the city council Corey Johnson indicated that it is the duty of the Council to ask questions and "to ensure that an agreement of nearly $ 4 billion with public land benefits New Yorkers who have chosen us." No company has the right on public land and subsidies without strict public oversight The Council looks forward to our next public with Amazon. "


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