"Rewe says thanks": Rewe books 8.5 billion of bank account

Friday last week (05.10.2018) Friday started Angelika Rouyer like every other day: with a cup of tea and a jam on the couch. But suddenly everything was different. When the housewife from the Upper Bavarian Ainring (Lkr Berchtesgaden) wanted to check her account balance, she saw the incredible: a depreciation of eight billion 590 million euro and 42 cents with the text "Rewe says thanks". Immediately, the 33-year-old calls her father and describes what has happened.

To clarify where the depreciation with the gruesome sum came from, the Oberbayerin made the call to the next branch of the Commerzbank in the neighboring city of Freilassing.

Rewe debit? Commerzbank releases the whole

Only three quarters of an hour later the bank employees were able to give it all-clear: it was therefore not a real fault and there was an IT error. Commerzbank commented on the incident in writing at the request of "News5". According to the bank, the amount was reported because Rouyer had used an outdated version of the bank app.

An answer that makes the double mother of Airing just a shake of the head: "What the booking with a non-updated app has to do, is incomprehensible to me." The Commerzbank finally apologized on telephone and a bouquet of flowers from Rouyer. According to her, the booking is still on her account.

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