Rivian Project: Amazon draws attention to Tesla

The electric car market is about to have another important player.

The company Rivian has announced that it has received 700 million dollars in financing from a group of investors led by Amazon.

This investment will help the manufacturer to expand and market its first electric vehicles by the year 2020, Forbes writes.

The R1T will be available in two versions with 135 kWh or 180 kWh battery packs, with a theoretical range of 500 km and 640 km respectively without charging the battery. The R1S SUV with seven seats in turn has a range of between 330 and 660 km, depending on the battery specification.

Both vehicles have a base price of between 68,000 and 72,500 dollars and will also be able to accelerate from zero to 100 km per hour in three seconds, according to their developers.

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The company plans to continue Tesla with the launch of the first electric van.

"Amazon's investment lifts Rivian from a mere threat in the electric vehicle market to a company that has the financial resources to compete with a manufacturer of electric vehicles, including Tesla, a chronically undercapitalised company, has a single truck or produced off-road, "says Forbes.