Saturn tests cash payments via app

Saturn packs headphones in their PEP store in the Munich shopping center in a cage to prevent theft, which can be removed via the app. With the app "Saturn Smartpay" customers can pay for the products on the shelf, which unlocks the cage. You do not have to pay more with the just bought headphones.


App and theft protection communicate via Bluetooth

(Photo: Saturn)

As early as May 2018, Saturn had already tested cashless payments on a market in Innsbruck using the technology of the British startup MishiPay and described the experiment as a success. 30,000 customers had to save themselves the waiting time at the checkout.

The technology in the Munich market comes from the German startup Rapitag, which supplies the app and anti-theft equipment. To use the technology, customers have to install the app, which then offers a payment by credit card or PayPal. From an extension of testing to other markets or the creation of a completely money-free branch, such as Amazon tried in the US, Saturn has not mentioned anything so far.


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