slag operations performed by public works

slag operations performed by public works

They are protesting against the "brutal" end of the reduced rate for non-road diesel used for construction machinery, which was announced without consultation in the 2019 budget.

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Snail operation of public works, Monday, November 5 in Reims.

"The price of diesel puts us at risk." Running risks ", proclaims the slogan. On Monday, November 5, more than a hundred heavy trucks carried snails on the main roads of the Marne, Haute-Marne, Ardennes and Aube. They are protesting against the "brutal" end of the reduced rate for non-road diesel used for construction machinery, which was announced without consultation in the government budget of 2019 for the budget.

Snail operations are underway on the N44 between Vitry-le-François and Reims (Marne), on the A34 in the Ardennes with passages by Sedan and Charleville-Mézières and in Haute-Marne on the Langres-axis -Chaumont. Filming museums have also been built around the Reims conurbation and on the Troyes ring road (Aube).

50% price increase in January

The removal of the reduced rate of domestic consumption tax on energy products (TICPE) on non-road diesel from January 2019 increases the price of the liter from 1 euro to 1.50 euro. "We did not expect it at all!" Herve Noël, chairman of the Champagne-Ardenne public works federation and Vice-President of the Grand Est regional public works federation. He explains:

"To make 1 m3 earthworks, it costs 1 l GNR [gasoil non routier]. It will be 50 cents more for each m3 earthmoving! In our industry, the fuel product is up to 30% of the total costs, it is huge! Not to mention the fact that tendering takes place six to nine months before the start of construction, so for the sites of the first nine months of next year, the markets are already closed, we will not be able to reinvest the increase in customers. "

He fears a collapse of the sector. "After ten years of crisis, our sector just started to recover and here we will break the figure: all the margins of construction companies on average, at the end of 2017, were 1.75%, which could cost us up to 2% of our turnover."

On the decoders:

Fuel price: a debate contaminated by intox

Ask for compensatory measures

Four delegations from this federation were received at the end of the morning in the prefectures and subprefectures of these departments to expose their claims. Hervé Noël hopes to meet Emmanuel Macron in Reims Tuesday, where the president will pass "Understand and discuss compensatory measures at least for the first nine months of the year".

According to him, the ecological justification is absurd: "Our machines are dependent on the world market, none of which is produced in France, these are 50 or 60 tonne construction machines and the electrical alternative does not exist on the market, which is not an incentive to change the way we work." She will represent "A tax increase of nearly 700 million euros" for the sector, said the National Federation of Public Works.

This challenge is part of a broader protest against the increase in fuel tax, advocated by the government in the name of ecology, which should culminate on Saturday, November 17.

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