Solarworld stops production – possibility for plant Freiberg

Bonn (dpa) – the largest solar cell manufacturer in Germany, Solarworld, after the second insolvency within a few months, the production stopped completely.

Solar panels are no longer manufactured in the Saxon Freiberg, as a spokesman for insolvency administrator Christoph Niering said. The machines were switched off at the end of last week. At the factory in Arnstadt in Thuringia, the production of solar cells had stopped a few months ago.

In Freiberg, however, the bankruptcy trustee still sees a chance to resume production. "We negotiate with an investor," said lawyer André Dobiey. "He is interested in the continuation of the production and would continue to employ the staff." The talks lasted until at least October. Among other things, financing issues need to be clarified. The majority of the approximately 150 production employees switched to a transfer company until 1 October.

Solarworld was under pressure from cheaper competitors in May last year China Bankruptcy for the first time. At the moment more than 3000 people were working in the company, which was once considered a model company of the German energy transition. Founder Frank Asbeck of the company tried a new start in August 2017 under the name Solarworld Industries. In March, however, the next bankruptcy for the company with about 600 employees.

According to Dobiey, the Arnstadt plant has no prospect of a resumption of production. There they negotiate the sale of buildings and land and prepare the auction of machines. The head office in Bonn will be vacated, the few remaining employees will move to an office center.

According to a spokesman from the Association of European Solar Manufacturers EU ProSun, about ten manufacturers still produce solar modules in Germany. But they are all smaller than Solarworld. In the middle of the year, the industry demanded measures to preserve solar technology in Germany and to expand it in an open letter from the federal government. Otherwise, manufacturers, material manufacturers and research threatened to migrate to Asia.

Notification from the bankruptcy trustee in July

Open letter solar industry